Below are links to helpful sites. As this list has been ongoing for several years, it’s possible that some links are now inactive. Feel free to leave a comment below if you find a link inactive or if you have a suggestion for another resource.

Rhetoric and Composition

National Archives of Composition and Rhetoric
WAC Clearinghouse
American Rhetoric
Composition Forum
Silva Rhetoricae
Association of Writers and Writing Programs
Conference on College Composition and Communication
Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
Council of Writing Program Administrators
Rhetoric Society of America

Higher Education Teaching and Learning 

MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)

Teaching Tips Index
 (Honolulu Community College)
Teaching as Leadership
Annotated Bibliography of Instructor Websites (Clemson U)
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (Iowa State)
University Teaching and Learning Center (UNC Greensboro)
Teaching Resource Center (University of Virginia)
National Teaching and Learning Forum
The Flipped Classroom

Digital Humanities
A Companion to Digital Humanities
National Institute for  Technology in Liberal Education
Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Collaboratory (HASTAC)
Debates in the Digital Humanities
Digital Humanities Now

Grammar and Style
Guide to Grammar and Writing 
Online Writing Lab
Dr. Grammar
English Grammar
Grammar Bytes
Grammar Review
Big Dog’s Grammar
Grammar Monster
Essentials of Grammar
Grammar Hardware Store
Tips for Revising Prose
Getting an A on an English Paper (Lynch)
Guide to Grammar and Style (Lynch)
Grammar Resource Guide

Literature Resources

The Literary Explorer
Online Symbolism Dictionary
Internet Public Library
LitLinks (I)
LitLinks (II)
Norton Literature Online
Literature Classics Online 
Project Gutenberg 
A Literary Index
Poetry Foundation
Literary History
For Better for Verse
PennSound: Author Audio Archives

British Literature
English Literature on the Web
British Literature Timeline
British and Irish Authors
The Victorian Web
Complete Works of Shakespeare (MIT)

American Literature 
American Lit Authors (I) 
American Lit Authors (II)
Outline of American Literature
The American Novel (PBS)
Voice of the Shuttle: American Literature
American Passages: A Literary Survey
American Life in Poetry
Appalachian Studies Association
Appalachian Authors and Illustrators
Library of Southern Literature (UNC)
Faulkner at UVA–Audio Archives

Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory
Introduction to Modern Literary Theory
Literary Theory (Bedsford St. Martins)
The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory
Literary Terms
Literary Theory: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Contemporary Critical Theory Course

Language Fun
Cliché Site
Fun with Words

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